The Stylish History of the Lacoste Polo Shirt

Despite their name, Lacoste polo shirts are actually direct descendants of the original cotton “tennis whites” worn in the late nineteen century.

The “tennis whites” shirt style was defined by a long-sleeved buttoned-up front, normally worn with the narrow sleeves rolled up. Although this seems like a very limiting shirt choice for athletes by today’s standards, tennis whites were considered very informal and quite “sporty” in their day.

But French tennis champion René Lacoste thought he could improve upon the old button-up style. He had long felt that the long-sleeve tennis whites of the day were uncomfortable and limited movement on the court. He began experimenting with a white, short-sleeved shirt, made from loosely-knit cotton with a design that featured a softer, flat collar and a longer tail in back.

Lacoste first wore his design at the 1926 U.S. Open Tennis Championship. Needless to say, the innovated style drew more than a few stares and remarks–some positive, and some decidedly negative. He persevered with his design and in 1927, he sewed the now famous crocodile emblem on the left upper of his shirts. This was in response to the American press, who had given him the nickname, “The Alligator.”

In the early 1930’s, Lacoste founded “Logo de Chemise Lacoste,” a company which would produce and sell his new shirt. His design solved many of the problems of the traditional tennis “whites,” in particular the tendency of the long sleeves to roll down mid-match. And the softer, flat collar could be worn either loosened or upturned to guard against sunburn on the back of the neck.

Now retired from professional tennis, Lacoste began focusing all of his attention upon the merchandising and distribution of his shirts. He joined forces with his friend and business partner, André Gillier, to market the “Lacoste Shirt” specifically to North American retailers. The embroidered crocodile logo on the shirts ensured that they were unmistakable and helped to “brand” Lacoste shirts as unique. The mass-marketing of the tennis shirt had the unexpected result of attracting other athletes. Polo players, in particular, began wearing his tennis shirt as an alternative to the thick, long sleeve, buttoned shirts that had traditionally been worn in their sport.

Today, you are just as likely to find a Lacoste Polo shirt on the golf course as on the tennis court or polo field. In fact, the familiar little crocodile has become a modern wardrobe staple for all men, not just athletes. Hip hop fashion began to include the polo shirt early on, and today Lacoste clothing can be seen in rap videos, school playgrounds and even nightclubs.

Paradoxically though, the shirt is hardly worn by tennis players these days because they began switching over to T-shirts in the late 90’s. Polo players too, have moved on from the original Lacoste shirt. Even though the shirt is seldom used for its original purpose today, it’s popularity remains as strong as ever among the general public.

Finding the Perfect Gifts For Men

Ever had that feeling of being clueless when choosing gifts for the men in your life? When it comes to gift-giving, men are probably the hardest people to shop for. As most men don’t really open up too well on their personalities, the options become limitless as you really are not sure what they will appreciate and what they will simply throw straight to the drawer. Why not go through some of these suggestions and find out which fits your man perfectly?

Try skin care kits that most men usually make use of. Unknown to most of us, a lot of men nowadays pay special attention on their skin yet some of them do not have the guts to buy these products themselves. Aside from shaving, they now find the need to moisturize and nourish their skin and so these kits make a great gift option. When the weather gets colder than the usual, sweaters and jackets are a must. Not only do they give warmth, they also add a stylish feature on their wardrobe.

Fashion items might also do the trick when giving gifts for men. Denim jeans have become a staple item which goes well with sports coats and dressy shoes. Corduroy pants work well as business casuals and weekend wear. They have that rich look and velvety feel that adds texture on their otherwise drab outfits. Polo shirts have become a regular in the American wardrobe while blazers, sport coats, and suit jacket make a man look well put together. The trick here, though, is finding the right size.

Surprisingly, bags and luggage are gaining popularity as gift items for men. You just have to explore and choose well to avoid the risk of returning due to wrong size or color. Fortunately, there are now more companies that come out with stylish designs for these items that are especially made for men. For men inclined on the technical side, stylish laptop bags prove to be well appreciated by them.

Of course, you can never set aside watches and jewelry. A limited budget does not mean you can’t give a neat watch or a small piece of jewelry. There are now plenty of choices in the market. You can select according to the design, size, color, and price of the item you want to buy. Aside from a ring, men now opt to wear cufflinks. Men’s cufflinks have a variety of styles and designs. They even have different forms, like those shaped as surfboards and tennis rackets that would just be the right pieces for a sports enthusiast! They can also be personalized by engraving letters, a special date, and even quotes that are meaningful to the one important person you are giving it to. Ideas for men’s cufflinks are endless. It all depends on the recipient and sometimes, even on the giver.

The Men’s Jumper: Not Just for Winter Anymore

If the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term “men’s jumper” is a heavy, tacky, gaudy sweater with a reindeer design, complete with and antlers with bells sticking out the front, then you need to rethink your definition of the term. Jumpers are actually quite fashionable when they are done tastefully, and don’t always translate into something that your Great Aunt Ira would have picked for you as a boy. And, although the men’s jumper is most often worn in the winter, a jumper isn’t always necessarily thick and heavy, either.

There is, in fact, every bit as wide of a selection of lighter jumpers available as there is for the heavy duty kind. These versions of jumper are ideal for spring when it is neither warm enough for polo shirts nor cool enough for the heavy wool sweaters. If you choose the right type of fabric, you’ll be comfortable no matter how drastic the temperature fluctuates from morning to afternoon.

Spring and the Men’s Jumper
Spring brings with it the need for color…and lots of it! Don’t let your idea of the traditional winter jumper keep you from putting some oomph in your wardrobe. Think pastels are just for girls? Think again! Soft shades of lavender, powder blue, pink, yellow, and minty green are all excellent additions to any guy’s wardrobe. Even the more vibrant colors such as cobalt blue, magenta, grass green, and orange are wonderful choices for spring men’s jumper palates.

Getting back to the choice of material, you’ll want to stick with natural fibers such as cotton or a fine wool such as cashmere. Cashmere will be your best choice for the spring jumper for three reasons:

• Cashmere is soft and comfortable against the skin.
• Cashmere has the ability to retain heat so you stay warm on cooler spring mornings.
• Cashmere is light and breathable, so you don’t feel overly warm when the temperature rises during the day.

A cashmere men’s jumper is also surprisingly durable if you take the time to properly care for it. The fabric can be washed, provided you keep it far, far away from heat. Hand wash only, as even the gentle cycle on your machine could damage the fibers. Alternatively, you can have your cashmere jumper dry cleaned to avoid any at-home mishaps and it will come home looking like new. Always choose folding in favor of hanging so the shape doesn’t distort and take care to invest in some moth protection.

In addition to color and fabric, you’ll want to choose a men’s jumper style that is appropriate for the warmer weather. You can’t go wrong with a v-neck jumper. Add a solid tee shirt underneath for a layered effect and a bit of extra insulation for those brisk mornings. Of course, you will find many more styles available as well, so choose one that speaks to your own fashion sense and personality.

What Everyone Should Know About Polo Shirts

Are you wondering what kind of apparel to buy that can go casually and with formality? Then, this is what you are looking for.

Polo shirts are important part of men’s wardrobe. If you do not wear too formal clothes then you can choose to wear this. If you are a person who likes to wear t-shirts and feels awkward to wear formal polo’s then this is perfect for you. Why? It is perfect for semi-formal and a little touch of casualness to your outfit.

So, how did it actualize? It has been said that the first design were made for sports like tennis and golf. The customary outfit for golf was uncomfortable to wear. Many sports had adapted the use of this kind of garment. A lot of people use it because of its characteristics of being flexible, it can be worn during formal events, in sports or also as a casual wear and even personalize it for your organization or institution. There are also long sleeved kinds that can be used during cold seasons.

There are only two common types for this kind of apparel, stripe and plain. Plain kinds are usually used in sports and formal events which give consistency to the group of people using it. Stripe ones are more on casual wear because they come in different colors and can be worn with jeans and khakis.

One more reason why men love to wear it because of its material used, these are made of cotton which of course, makes the body feel more refreshing and comfortable.

Where to shop your best polo shirt? If you wanted to buy it in low price you could purchase it in wholesale polo shirts. Then, you could have big discount and can avail in such a small price. What are you waiting for? I know you would love to buy because of its uniqueness. You could also buy designer brands in wholesale polo shirts.

Polo shirts are indeed, best garment for men because they give elegance, formality as well as make the person who wears it comfortable and will not feel uneasy. So, if you need more information about it, you could search for designer brands in just a low, low price.

Tips on Ordering Your Own Customized Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are fine clothing articles. It is also a fine publicity item. A lot of people utilized it for different reasons. They like to don it during sports events or even just on a casual walk to the park. You should thus take advantage of its celebrated status. It’s time you design your own logo imprinted polo shirts!

The history of polo shirts can be trailed back to 19th and early 20th centuries when Rene Lacoste, then French tennis phenomenon, designed a handier garment to be employed for their tennis games. Primarily his style fashioned a shorter, cooler and softer top than the long-sleeved, airless ones they were used to donning. Meanwhile in other parts of the world, polo players were also in quest of a more comfortable clothing article that they could don to their polo matches. They soon discovered about Lacoste’s creation and eventually adopted the apparel’s use. Lewis Lacey, an Argentinian polo player, customized the shirt to illustrate a logo of a polo player in front. Since then it came to be termed as “polo shirt”. In the long run other sports players like golfers, came to admit the shirt as their legitimate attire.

Currently, polo shirts come in different colors and styles. Some are pure in color while others are stripy. Neraly all clothing companies fabricate them. Customized polo shirts are very famous in the corporate setting. Colleges choose to show their school spirit by wearing customized polo shirts. They are not difficult to wash, can be donned with almost all articles of clothing and are very comfortable to wear. Even children love to wear promotional logo polos!

If you employ polo shirts as a promotional, the advantages are: Unlimited Exposure – Polo shirts is a type of attire that is widely accepted in almost all instances. If your customer recognizes that your company polo shirt is now his desired shirt in the world, chances are he will use it regularly. Now that’s sure regularly advertisement for you!

1. Collection in Designs – As I’ve mentioned, there are more shirt designs to select from nowadays. There is diversity even in fabric. This will give you more choices in choosing which shirt best works for you.

2. Wide Reach – Polo shirts could be put on by men and women of all shapes, ages and sizes, thus, all your customers!

3. Toughness – These items have a long life span. Hence, you don’t have to replenish the same items over and over again. They will last for long period of time.

Before you dash into buying these fabulous items, let me give you some tips first so you’ll be well guided in your preference.

1. Acknowledge the fabric – Some fabric may do its job for you while others, though would seem nice at first, may not work to your benefit. The answer here is to check for the kinds of fabrics available in the market today and see which best fits a comfortable polo shirt. Is it cotton, polyester or rayon? The selection is up to you.

2. Customers First! – Bear in mind that you’ll be handing out this as a promotional item. It’s not planned for your use only. Make sure that you choose the right design that will fit everyone. Logo imprinted shirts will be even more pleasing if it can be used by people of all forms.

3. Always verify quality – You may suppose that you’ve just arrived at the bargain of your life with the value you settled with but you could be gearing up for future headache if you’re not cautious enough. Some of these items look good at first but shrink after the first wash. Be very conscious of the brand of shirt you are getting. If you already have a tried and tested attire brand then go for it. The likelihood of you getting double-crossed will be slim.

4. Mix and Match – Take extra care in modifying your custom shirts. Colors may be appealing but if not matched properly it could make people nauseous. You don’t want them preoccupied from the message you want to send. Invest in the conceptualization of your brand or logo. This is a very important step to your victory.

Striped Polo Shirts Are an Eye Catching Promotional Item

Striped polo shirts, as any other kind of polos are available in a great number of designs, colour schemes, fabrics and models – the variety of these clothing items is really impressive. Every person, regardless the age, profession, social status and fashion preferences, will be able to choose a shirt to satisfy his or her taste.

This universal and comfortable wear has won the hearts of numerous customers and can compete only with t-shirts in popularity among the people from all over the world. Almost every single person has at least one polo shirt in the wardrobe.

Traditionally these shirts are one toned, but the well known exception is striped polo shirts. Striped clothes in general have been popular for many decades, and in the world of today lots of fashion designers do not forget to include striped items into their collections. These shirts can be worn for different purposes – as a comfortable wear to work around the house, as a practical half formal uniform or as a fashion status, but in any case one should remember the common facts about wearing striped clothes.

Some people, especially men, try to express themselves trying different colour combinations in clothes rather then wearing something of solid colour. At the same time they are afraid to look ridiculous choosing some bold contrast.

In this case striped polo shirts are the best solution. A good quality shirt with horizontal stripes looks nice and sophisticated, especially if the thin stripes are of contrast colours, and the wide ones – the different shades of the same colour. Complementary colours should be avoided, especially if the shirt is used as part of a corporate uniform.

It means do not go for the shades which are opposite to each other in the colours spectrum: stripes of red and green, blue and orange, for example, will look ridiculous. Vertical stripes are acceptable, but only in case a person is not too tall or too thin, otherwise it will give an impression of carelessness and misbalance.

It is easy to put a logo, company contacts or other promotional message on a shirt with broad stripes, but you should be extra careful with design of your logo if you want it to fit with many thin stripes: make sure the image is visible enough and will not get distorted by the density of stripes.

Striped polo shirts match better with jeans, one toned pants or skirts. Sometimes it is advisable to avoid wearing another striped thing together with this kind of shirt. However, it is very individual; there are no strict rules in this case. If you choose both shirts and pants with stripes as a uniform for your employees, it is better if these stripes are of different weight.

Also this type of polos will do very well for sportive event, so if your company’s staff have a friendly football match with your partner’s or competitor’s employees, do not hesitate to give them a striped sport uniform with your logo on it. Just remember how many famous football clubs have stripes on the uniform of their players!

Ideas For Men’s Casual Wear

I can however give you some good guidelines to help point you in the right direction. What you require are a pair of wide legged, flat fronted khakis or chinos in a relaxed fit.

Pleats and cuffs are perfectly appropriate with polo, but are not ideal for a shorter chap such as you as they detract from the length. In order to give the greatest visual appearance of length and height, you will need to have flat fronted and uncuffed trousers. Flat fronted pants are also more slimming; however pleated fronts are a little dressier. On this occasion though, I believe you can make up for the dressiness elsewhere, and go for the flat fronts.

You should also pay close attention to the back pockets of the pants and try to choose a pair without pockets (if you can find any), or with slim pockets. Either way, go for the smallest flattest pockets at the back that you can. Big pockets emphasize the rear of the trouser, and as you mentioned that you have a generous rear, it’s best to downplay it.

In terms of length, the pants should break at the laces of your shoes (which incidentally I recommend should be loafers or suede oxfords) and sit just above the heel at the back.

I would go for a black polo, tan/clay/stone colored chinos or khakis that are wide legged and flat fronted, small pocketed at the rear, and have no cuffs, and team it with a black belt and black loafers or suede oxfords (with, of course, black socks!)

If you wish to up the smartness a touch, you could also team it with a smart sports jacket or blazer in a dark color, which you can then of course remove and offer to drape across a lady’s shoulders should she start to feel chilly at the event! Always think ahead!

In terms of stores to try, you stated that the Banana republic are not ideal. Perhaps you could try Gap or Dockers as an alternative.

If you wear a nice pair of black or tan pants, you can wear a number of different things on top. For the winter months, go for a nice pair of wool slacks and for warmer months you can opt for thinner fabrics.

On top, you can wear a simple button down shirt that is a bit more relaxed that you would usually wear to work. A flannel shirt, when done right, can look casual and chic, yet still professional for work. Dress it up a bit with some nice black dress shoes and you’ll be good to go! Add a blazer if you feel you look a bit too casual.

A sweater on top is also a nice look. A nice rich color (like navy blue or burgundy) would look great on you. To make the suits you already wear look less stuffy, why not wear a t-shirt underneath? Make a solid one, again in a darker color. The result will be a youthful look that is also professional

A final key point is that it is your grooming that really dictates how smart you will look, not your clothes. By all means ensure that your clothes look smart, but the key to success is to ensure that you shower, shave well, and pay attention to your hair before you go out! Also, make sure you feel comfortable in what you wear; if you feel uncomfortable it’ll show. If you feel comfortable and well groomed you’ll feel relaxed, you’ll smile more and feel more confident. THAT is what will make everyone stop and do a double take when they see you.