Your Guide To Ten Unique Christmas Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Everyone loves receiving a Christmas present specific to them and what they like, which lets them know that the person who bought it was thinking about them. If you are still deciding what gifts to buy your friends and family for Christmas, there are many unique gifts. Whether they’re sentimental or entertainers, there is something that you can buy them for Christmas that shows that you were thinking of them. You can also shop locally this festive season, as you are more likely to find unique gifts from small businesses.

1. For Those Who Like to Use Their Brains: A Puzzle or A Murder Mystery Game

If the person you’re buying a gift for loves a good challenge and stimulating their brain, then you could choose to buy them a 1000-piece puzzle. This gift option is also great because you could even get a custom puzzle made, and the picture could be of you and the person you’re buying it for, or it could be of something they like. Otherwise, if they also love a good challenge and mystery, you could buy them a murder mystery game which would be so much fun to play together.

2. For Those Who Like to Entertain: A Mini Projector or A Portable Ping Pong Set

Perhaps the person you’re buying a gift for loves entertaining guests. You could buy a mini projector so they could have outdoor movie nights and invite guests over to their friends. Another great option is a portable ping pong set because they can set it up anywhere, and the only thing needed is a table.

3. For Those Who Like Their Hot Drinks: A Heat Changing Mug or A Herbal Tea Set

The person you’re buying a Christmas present may love a good cup of coffee. So why not purchase them a heat-changing mug that is personal to them? So they will think of you whenever they enjoy a good cuppa! For example, you could buy a heat-changing cup that, once you pour in the hot liquid, reveals a photo, a phrase, or even something as cool as star constellations! Or, if the person you are buying the gift for is a tea fanatic, you could buy them a herbal tea set so that they can try out some new teas and find a favorite!

4. For Those Who Like to DIY: A Gin and Tonic Kit or A Waffle-Making Kit

If the person you want to buy a gift for loves to make things, then buying them or a DIY kit is always a good idea. For example, if they love G&Ts, why not buy them a gin and tonic kit? They can make their gin and tonics and experiment with new flavor combinations. Or, if the person you’re buying for doesn’t drink alcohol or doesn’t like gin, you could buy them something more playful, such as a waffle-making kit!

5. For Those Who are Sentimental: A Multiple Initials Necklace or A Wooden Music Box 

There are also many options if the person you’re buying for is more sentimental. For example, if they’re a mother with kids, you could buy them a necklace with their spouse’s initials and each of their kids on it. If they’re not married or don’t have kids, you could use their own or their partner’s initials. Or, you could buy them a wooden music box with a sentimental song for them, or even for the both of you. You could also have the wooden music box engraved with something special.