Striped Polo Shirts Are an Eye Catching Promotional Item

Striped polo shirts, as any other kind of polos are available in a great number of designs, colour schemes, fabrics and models – the variety of these clothing items is really impressive. Every person, regardless the age, profession, social status and fashion preferences, will be able to choose a shirt to satisfy his or her taste.

This universal and comfortable wear has won the hearts of numerous customers and can compete only with t-shirts in popularity among the people from all over the world. Almost every single person has at least one polo shirt in the wardrobe.

Traditionally these shirts are one toned, but the well known exception is striped polo shirts. Striped clothes in general have been popular for many decades, and in the world of today lots of fashion designers do not forget to include striped items into their collections. These shirts can be worn for different purposes – as a comfortable wear to work around the house, as a practical half formal uniform or as a fashion status, but in any case one should remember the common facts about wearing striped clothes.

Some people, especially men, try to express themselves trying different colour combinations in clothes rather then wearing something of solid colour. At the same time they are afraid to look ridiculous choosing some bold contrast.

In this case striped polo shirts are the best solution. A good quality shirt with horizontal stripes looks nice and sophisticated, especially if the thin stripes are of contrast colours, and the wide ones – the different shades of the same colour. Complementary colours should be avoided, especially if the shirt is used as part of a corporate uniform.

It means do not go for the shades which are opposite to each other in the colours spectrum: stripes of red and green, blue and orange, for example, will look ridiculous. Vertical stripes are acceptable, but only in case a person is not too tall or too thin, otherwise it will give an impression of carelessness and misbalance.

It is easy to put a logo, company contacts or other promotional message on a shirt with broad stripes, but you should be extra careful with design of your logo if you want it to fit with many thin stripes: make sure the image is visible enough and will not get distorted by the density of stripes.

Striped polo shirts match better with jeans, one toned pants or skirts. Sometimes it is advisable to avoid wearing another striped thing together with this kind of shirt. However, it is very individual; there are no strict rules in this case. If you choose both shirts and pants with stripes as a uniform for your employees, it is better if these stripes are of different weight.

Also this type of polos will do very well for sportive event, so if your company’s staff have a friendly football match with your partner’s or competitor’s employees, do not hesitate to give them a striped sport uniform with your logo on it. Just remember how many famous football clubs have stripes on the uniform of their players!